The Litya

At the Vigil of a Feast, special prayers are offered for the people of God and for the whole world. At the end of the special "Litya" (Prayers), the priest will bless loaves, wheat, wine, and oil in remembrance of the feeding of the 5,000 by Christ in the wilderness.

At the beginning of the Litya at Vespers, the clergy will exit the altar while the choir sings the special Litya Hymns. A theme in these hymns is the joy of Adam and Eve. They represent all human beings, who have waited for God to act and save the human race.

Let Adam, our forefather, be glad,
and Eve rejoice and delight,
for behold, she who was formed from Adam’s rib
plainly calls her daughter and descendant blessed:
“My deliverance has been born,” says Eve;
“through her, I shall be freed from the bonds of Hades.”